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In 2016, Kirstine co-invented a completely new concert form together with Anya Mathilde Poulsen and Nana Jacobi to achieve a greater level of gender balance in the music field: The innovative and award winning concert concept HUN SOLO, which presents solo concerts with female artists.

HUN SOLOs purpose is to create diversity and equality in the Danish music field by elevating and celebrating the female voice. By featuring outstanding prominent as well as up-coming female artists across genres, age and ethnicity, HUN SOLO aims to expose strong role models and wishes to inspire all womxn to unfold their potential and power (both in terms of music and other professions).

HUN SOLO has performed sold out concerts at the greatest concert halls across Denmark along with renowned festivals like Roskilde Festival (Avalon Stage, main festival), SmukFest, SPOT, Folkemødet and more. Further more, HUN SOLO was invited by the Danish Embassy to tour in Pakistan in 2018 and has also toured in the Faeroe Islands.

HUN SOLO has been granted 3 prizes, most recently the prestigious ‘GAFFA Tak Rock Prisen’ (February 2020), which honours a person or organization for ‘an extraordinary contribution to Danish music‘.

Hun Solo Records

The latest addition to the HUN SOLO family is the record label HUN SOLO RECORDS – a different record label which focuses on the empathetic and creative support of the artists, aiming to understand, nourish, inspire and amplify the essence and uniqueness of each artist.

HUN SOLO RECORDS priorizes projects run by female artists, with a complete openness to who the artists choose to collaborate with. HUN SOLO RECORDS is carried by the same sisterhood feeling and the same enriching sharing of experience and knowledge that we have seen taken place back stage at HUN SOLO concerts or on the road in the band busses.

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