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‘… For a moment, she was Gordon, Knowles, Joplin and Patti in marvellous unity, while music and sorcery flowed together’

Throughout a long career, Kirstine has fronted several remarkable music projects.

She was co-founder and core-member of the award-winning and highly successful group Blue Foundation – her unique voice and songwriting  being some of the key characteristics of the group’s sound.

In 2013, Kirstine released her first solo album, the critically acclaimed ‘Hamskifte’ (Sloughing). As composer and producer of the entire album Kirstine expanded her artistic vision and capabilities on this album, and ‘Hamskifte’ stands out as a truly personal statement with a unique sound and intriguing and poetic lyrics in her native Danish tongue.

Most recently, Kirstine has co-invented a completely new concert form – the successful and award winning concept HUN SOLO, which presents solo concerts with female artists. The latest addition to the venture is the new record label HUN SOLO RECORDS.

Kirstine has composed music for theatre and modern dance, as well as for film and TV, among others Catherine Hardwicke’s ‘Twilight’.

In 2012-2015, she was Denmark’s representative in the jury of the Nordic Council Music Prize and Chairman of the Jury in 2015.



Releases (selected works):

De Blå og Grønne Nætter’ (Words: Ursula Andkjær Olsen, music: Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg. Kirkesangbogen 2017)
Single: ‘Runnin’ (bogan via feat. kirstine stubbe teglbjærg)
Single: ‘Never be Apart’ (Bottled in England feat. Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg)
Ep: ‘Hamskifte Remixes’ (Remixes By Sekuoia, Aebeloe, Nanome, Dodebum, Tatsuki And Low Pressure. A:larm/universal)
Single: ‘Hvor Går Vi Hen’ (Gaffa’s 30 Years Anniversary: ‘gi’ Et Nummer’, Cover Version Of Lars H.u.g’s Song From 1987)
Album: ‘Hamskifte’ (A:larm/universal)
Single: ‘Tæppet er faldet’ (A:larm/universal)
Single: ‘Drømmenes Lyd’ (A:larm/universal)
Ep: ‘Watch You Sleeping/dream’ (Blue Foundation Feat. Mark Kozelek)
Album: ‘Life Of A Ghost’ (Blue Foundation, Astral Werks Usa)
Album: ‘Life Of A Ghost’ (Blue Foundation, Virgin/emi)
Ep: ‘Dead People’s Choice’ (Blue Foundation, Virgin/dead People’s Choice)
Album: ‘Solid Origami – Blue Foundation Collected And Re-worked’ (Blue Foundation, Popgroup)
Single: ‘Crosshair’ (Blue Foundation, Virgin/dead Peoples Choice)
Album: ‘Sweep Of Days’ (Blue Foundation, Virgin/emi)
Ep: ‘As I Moved On’ (Blue Foundation, Virgin/emi)
Album: ‘Blue Foundation’ (Blue Foundation, April Records)
Ep: ‘Hollywood & Wiseguy’ (Blue Foundation, April Records)
Single: ‘Hide/Hollywood’ (Blue Foundation, Moshimoshi Records)

Music for theatre and modern dance:

2018: Nørregaards Teater: ‘Charles’. Composer and performer
2015: Det menneskelige Teater: ‘Men nu har jeg en Hjærne’. Composer and performer
2014: Det Flydende Teater: ‘Alting Mødes’. Composer
2013: Mute Comp. Physical Theatre: ‘The Illegal Trilogy’. Composer and performer
2012: Mute Comp Physical Theatre: ‘Blackout!’. Composer and performer.
2009: JakoBole Teatret/Camp X: ‘Når jeg forsvinder under mig’. Composer and performer
2004: Copenhagen Performance House – Tim Feldmann/Rolf Heim: ‘Baby/Baby’. Composer and performer
2003: Nyt Dansk Danseteater: ‘Snapshots’. Composer and performer

Music for TV and film (selected works):

2012: ‘Vampire Diaries’ episode 4, season 8 (The song ‘Eyes on Fire’)
2008: ’Twilight’ by Catherine Hardwicke, USA (The song ‘Eyes on Fire’)
2006: ‘Miami Vice’ by Michael Mann, USA. (The song ‘Sweep’)
2006: ‘Anna Pihl’ by TV2 Drama/Cosmo Film (The song ‘Crosshair’)
2005: ‘Drabet’ (‘Manslaughter’) by Per Fly/Zentropa/Nordisk Film. (The song ‘This is Goodbye’)
2005 ‘O.C. Show’ TV-series, USA (The song ‘Save This Town’)
1999: ‘Sisters in the Sky’ (DR/Zentropa)


& Other


2020: GAFFA ‘Tak Rock Prisen’ with HUN SOLO
2018: ‘Ethel Prize’ with HUN SOLO
2018: DMFs ‘Ildsjælspris’ with HUN SOLO
2005: ‘Best Urban Release’ Danish Music Awards (Blue Foundation ‘Sweep of Days’)

Award nominations:

2005: ‘Female singer of the year’, Danish Music Awards
2005: Steppeulven: Music critic’s prize: Album of the year (‘Sweep of Days’)
2005: Steppeulven: Music critic’s prize: Band of the year (Blue Foundation)
2005: Steppeulven: Music critic’s prize: Live band of the year (Blue Foundation)
2005: Danish Music Awards: Band of the year (Blue Foundation)
2005: Robert Prisen: Per Fly: ‘Drabet’ (‘Manslaughter’) Best song: ‘This is goodbye’

Sound art and other:

2015: STRØM CPH: Performing with the X-Ray Audio-Project at Medicinsk Museion
2012-15: Member of the jury at The Nordic Council Music Prize. Chairman of the jury in 2015
2007: Represented at the sound art portal ‘Larm’, Stockholm with the project ‘Stern’

2004: Represented with the group S.O.L. at the art gallery ‘Overgaden – Institut for Samtidskunst’

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